Serenity Jones – freely frolicking..



Her hair mangled in wet sea kelp, sitting on an ocean rock she untangled her locks with her nimble fingertips which she used as a comb..  The sea salt smell was high upon air and the waves crashed upon rocks as she slid between them, slippery as she stepped upwards to find her way home.  Her clothes dripped upon ground as the air began to dry them.. Stepping among puddles she grasped her way to the green.  An oddity of sorts this child of unadulterated wonderment, she often gave way to her whims and passions how ever odd, wild and unassuming they were..  Often she would find herself in all kinds of uncompromising positions but she didn’t care she wanted laughter and joy in her spirit not organised ruling from the significant others..  This was one such adventure, a morning of sheer unadulterated abandonment, risky too as she entered the wild ocean fully clothed, remote too which made it ideal to surface her wildness she was compelled to release.  Not many people could understand such nature for fear of labeling it ‘crazy’ but she knew it was the zest of life that kept you alive whatever that may be.  She laughed as she made her way home back to her log cabin, her vacation for a while..  She laughed because she thought to herself, today I have been a sheer mermaid of high seas an adventure unabated and fulfilled..  What more adventures could I penetrate she thought..  Yes the world was literally her oyster and the ocean left to explore!  If only others had such wild abandonment, fearlessness strewn upon life itself..  What an exciting place it would be!   Life was meant for living, enjoying, not merely existing and unraveling through time itself.   A moment’s reflection indeed!!


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