The darkest hour..


Caught up in a dark blind alley she had revelled to find her way out.. Out of the grimacing pain staking tunnel from which she’d entered unabatedly. Stark though it was she knew the way was imminent through the twists and turns she’d bore. Facing her anguish she relaxed into her own, slowly the way became clear.

The trawl had served its purpose, outflanked its outflank! She breathed a sigh of relief.. With one step in front of the other, she owned the day.. Darkness turned into night and night into day. The horror she’d imagined was not so after all but a figment of the imagination. Maybe next time I’ll call a recall she thought.


The dawning..


She knew within herself shortly afterwards that the grasping she’d lingered onto for so long had slowly diminish into dry false hope.. Hope of a fantasy that was merely mistaken. She’d wanted nothing more than a soul mate but at a loss she’d found destitute, for nothing more could suffice.

There came a time when Miranda would often get lost and engrossed in other worldly curiosities, outbound and     outgrown by her own cause for satisfaction which she could neither satisfy or find. Quite simply, she was a wanderer looking and searching for that which she could not find. She’d given up by now for be it what it would be, seemed quite simply to be the tall order now. She’d become dishevelled with notions.

The day had become brighter, the sun brilliant, everything was alive, breathing and vibrant.. Through these new eyes her vision uplifted.. Thrown away was the old and the letting go refreshing, even exhilarating. Why, she suddenly thought had she wasted so much time caught up in her own head of an illustrious minefield with rich pickings of no valid quantity. She laughed or maybe even cried at the notion.. Life was beautiful and wonderful.. If only she’d looked through eyes of clarity. She sat for a moment and picked the day away, marvelled at what she’d missed before mulling into new seas which she called her home.   Here and now.





Warm from solitude, finding blissfulness in a peace unimagined.. Realization at last, that all is well and good no matter the dramas. Suddenly things looked different, never before had she seen such understanding from eyes of new. The day eased, all became home. The fuss.. Over.