Subtle love..

Vintage Surreal Illustrations by Catrin Welz-Stein _ Art and Design

She touched the night sky with whispers from soul hoping to glimpse his inner world too, for she knew the waves she felt could not be diminished into obscurity, a knowing like this was rare..  Her fingers played her chest as she felt the heartbeat within, loud as ever she knew his beat and he felt hers too.  Matched, they had strung a tune upon the wind and left a mark undeniable to pulses.  His electric vibes had travelled far and wide, no imaginary friend could ever deny, for this was real..  Strange maybe but true in a somewhat fictitious world we apparel in, unsatisfactory even, maybe for some,  but ever more prominent than surreal were the chords that had struck.  The potent spiral’s had formed their heart’s embracing and caressing their notions, notions of the very real..  Only the solemn on-looker would deny this very bond but for the real that it was..  Not materialistic by measure but as vibrant as ever, a note from the angelic..  Responding she returned majestically the gift of a higher level, majestic its very honour and sweet its touch,  felt by the strings of their hearts entwined and pulled into oneness.   An existence like no other, a unity of loves abode..  Love kissed on the very wind and returned by the breeze..  Even the very elements had joined their play.  Their essence matched by nature and nature understood, she knew their fate .   A language like no other a whispering from old souls.  Beckoning  from hearts..  Rekindled by fate..  Sealed by the true beauty..  Essence of one true love.


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