Black and White Street Photography _ The Design Work

Silence, I hide my face and shut the door.. The most beautiful tune ever played. A bed of rest in all of whole, a sanctuary where I am home. Connected to all and all of one, many a tale has been spun..    My faithful friend of old you grace the table every time, never ending is your sweet divine. Never dissatisfied nor a disappoint your welcoming voice a healers echo..  Every time, oh everytime how wonderful how magical you are. From inside you is inside me, infinite potential strewn sporadically. You gain my trust, you gain my being, for from you I came this infinite being.. I am, that I am all and now, encompassed in you through beauty and truth. How lucky we are to have been blessed by you my restful friend of sweet sweet solice. A treasure of all treasures my dearest  sweet honest.


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