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Silence, I hide my face and shut the door.. The most beautiful tune ever played. A bed of rest in all of whole, a sanctuary where I am home. Connected to all and all of one, many a tale has been spun..    My faithful friend of old you grace the table every time, never ending is your sweet divine. Never dissatisfied nor a disappoint your welcoming voice a healers echo..  Every time, oh everytime how wonderful how magical you are. From inside you is inside me, infinite potential strewn sporadically. You gain my trust, you gain my being, for from you I came this infinite being.. I am, that I am all and now, encompassed in you through beauty and truth. How lucky we are to have been blessed by you my restful friend of sweet sweet solice. A treasure of all treasures my dearest  sweet honest.


The vine..


Emerald Green

The thread, the gut wrenching feeling that pulls your strings of being.. Ignored by logic and strewn into obscurity of illogical nonsense disguised as the nonsense of time. We neither see nor listen to the chiming of time within ones soul. For if seen maybe a reaction of existence to meaning may come into fruition. Those that don’t ignore their very own pull are few and far between.. But what a sweet nectar they drink. Mine is the observed yet serving to come.


The green..

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Stirring inside a pulling a drawing to what is and has to be known or revealed regardless of filling the void that nags at one intermittently. The green, the healing force of energy transmuted in soul to fathom the peace that’s needed in void. Since all is energy we can be equipped to know from the knowing inside. Various energies immerse to what’s needed when awareness of self becomes apparent. A time, a moment for all encapsulating essence of thought, beauty and moment. The emotions the torrent, the calm or the storm neither make much difference when we notice the ship.. No longer drawn by the pull of what is but instead acceptance. Thankful for the energy of the green, its transmuted beauty blesses my soul.


Never the tiresome..

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Beautiful soul so tender and mild soft to touch and high to frown, soaring, soaring you go. Never a needy, never a want no time for discontent. Yet through your honesty you shine so high and set a heathen apart. From whence did you come, from whence did you go, oh beautiful soul from up above. Endlessly wanton your love.



Encompass me once more..


Like a still dark forest solitude is fought in solace where man nor beast may speak alone. For there encompassed the green within sought waiting for daylight to come. The spring flowers from the dead of night from which they come will soon be merry again. Great solace you own your victory once more, once more, once more yet I adore. Gratitude and thankfulness in needy places..



Let it be..

This painting is one of my favorites_ I even made it my header! I ___.jpg

Filling up time a nonsensical notion considering it doesn’t exist. We use it as a concept for structure to aim at events we think we control. Does free will really exist, even science debates..