Leonardo da Vinci, detail from Madonna of the Rocks showing the angel ___

Happy and flowing in the love of joy.. The graciousness of gratitude all encompassing whilst forgetting oneself. Tethering, flowing in the will of now encompassing all that be. Greatness the void of everything and limitless the nothingness of time an illusion of manifest. Deep the simplicities, no complexions of lull.. Serenity, the very echo.. Bursting the fire, the flame fills with joy, fit to burst inside, enthralled the very now. How wonderful the blessings bestowed this time.. Often elapsing but never forgotten that one place of you that’s special and new, everytime you gauge, you gauge away from you. Stay true, stay true to that moment of you, special inside unique to you. A place awaits that feels brand new for every moment mislaid by you. A fitting place just for you. Come back to home, elapse no more.. Come back, come back to your adore. Refreshing vitality had never left you at your door. Neither will it forsake you, forsake you no more.. The choice is yours beloved.





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