Lost ship..

Edmund Dulac _ Medieval_Fantasy _ Pinterest.jpg

Expectations, like tiny trickles of raindrops falling on an open ground.. Free to roam, to find source each trickle a vacuum encompassing the free will of others it devours. Drowning in expectations, overwhelming, overflowing the veins swell until blood becomes water.. Lost in the vast ocean of otherness whilst needing to settle on board that swirling drowning ship. Hence when the sun comes out and the light shines on that glistening vessel once more. No more a weary wreck.. Aboard, dry and encompassed with free will, an illusion never lost but that the mind had allowed those raindrops to steer that weary vessel away. The raindrops had turned into a vast ocean drowning out that beautiful vessel. But hence the light will always save the day and warm the blood once more.. Seek solice in refuge and refuge in solice. My love adored once more.



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