Strange occurrences..

Picture by Arthur Rackham.WP_20160214_17_23_35_ProFabled opportune was a den like no other.. A sea creatures party without the water, although they looked like strange sea creatures they obviously wasn’t for these strange orifice’s breathed air. Some were gill like, some more humanoid, a strange mixture of fabled and alien like creatures all mulling together in this vast underground cavern away from human kind and their complexities. She had stumbled upon this place whilst discovering her archaeological triumphs of old, her usual venue in the out of beyond places where man usually feared to tread.. It was her delicacy. Their languages seemed mimicking and strange with undertones of heightened notes, a mystery void to her.. But still she persisted on treading further and further yet into the unknown. Her saving grace was that she was unimportant to them, or at least she seemed to be. Never before had she felt so insignificant as they went about their business seemingly oblivious to her existence. Gasped, she sat back and minutely hand picked the thoughts carefully of what she was going to make of this strange party.. Perhaps she was going mad was one of them.

On attempt to get noticed she bravely bellowed out, “do we have to be ignored” nothing.. Total suspense of disbelief overwhelmed her as she pinched her skin to reassure herself. There seemed to be two groups to hand, one fabled like with strange attire and a sort of human existence which preluded them. The other a reptilian, fish like kind of sea creature or better described as alien looking. Caught on her wondrous technology,she had the proof.. This wasn’t going to escape her, unlike any other find she’d ever discovered. Valuable though it was, her virtuous nature had some serious weight to mull over. Concerned with doing the right thing she stood in ore of the moment grasping this seemingly agile mess she’d gotten herself into, before finally leaving to gauge in her disbelief. The attire of the unknown she thought..


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