WP_20160212_07_37_41_Pro.jpgHer steps were whispering soft.. Gazed by the moon her hair glistened as she wandered in silence, her coat thrust by the air, the quiet streets were sleeping and she alone kissed the serenity. Tucked up in bed human kind ventured the other lands in their sleep.. A land she knew too well.. For this land was her home, a brief visit alone she adorned the streets with her silvery footsteps. The pavement glistened as she stepped along the winding streets. If only they knew, the occupants of tomorrow, how they’d wake their slumbering sleep. She smiled and kissed the frost on the window leaving but a trace of her visit. The dreams of many were orchestrated by her alone, her wings their hearts desire. Dream pearls of night for you she awaits, all loving, all knowing she strums your hearts desire. The flame, the flame that is your fire..


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