WP_20160211_07_58_30_Pro.jpgMany a little gasp, the sigh of relief coming out of the undergrowth, the tunnels chambers were sparse. On the outside bracken and wilderness teamed the eye. Forgotten was the smell of crisp air and withering moss, the wilderness wreaked of its wild perfume. Wholesome she remembered the bare footed play as a child.. The chamber hut was long and sprawling like an ants meandering puzzle. Always differing from one to the next. Full of surprises each chamber came with its own whim sickle theme of play and hidden sprawling’s.

. Enticed though she was the chambers became her blood and she still longed for the much needed air of the wilderness. Occasionally she’d rear her head sneakily and adorn the embrace of the wild. How wild she thought, how magical.. Meandering back to her house of secret chambers she cherished the notion of being special. Hidden in the undergrowth away from the earths participators.


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