Dream state..

Another episode of thrilling abode thrusting into air.. My dreams escape me as they take on their will to thrill to indoctrinate and intoxicate. A wonderful ride of mystery suspense gripped by the arm of unknowing revelations. Emotions stirred along the ride a vestibule of differing delights. Most common an attribute twisted and sewn in from the empirical. Remembered or not that seeded root stored like an akashic record mumbling the surface when necessary. We’re taken on journeys, free will left at the door, an illusion of sorts. We’re given a leap into the void a journey of intrigue. Dream state you are my friend a favourable one at that.. At your mercy I beckon you to keep your wonderous marvels a mystery novel forever. The thrill of the ride indulged and dripping in Ying and yang until we meet again my kiss is for you.


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