light heart..

That child that was, light as air, dancing raggedly without a care. Light footed, golden, shimmering gown.. Her steps are silver, glistening the ground. Hip, hop, skip and jump whirlwind whispers of dances found. That child of excitement whom blesses the ground. The glee of nigh the glee of day, all rolled in one forever play.. A soaring dream all make-believe that wing upon high the golden weave. The tapestry’s wonderful all made of soul.. No need for perfection, fantasy! What a thrilling abode.


12 thoughts on “light heart..

    • Childhood memories.. Babies are born without labels, without judgments, without being put into slots.. How wonderful when first born. Sometimes we need to remember the baby that once was before. Thank you Dr Suesszues-Zen.. Love the name
      . 😊 💐

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