The Inventor..

No strains, no stresses’ but in the mind a machine of no return.. Where archives store all be it much more, a philosophical kind.. The doors are endless, the rooms much more, explore, explore. A vast ocean.. A sea of dreams where explorations soar. A cave of magic, or doom and gloom, galore, galore! Our minds a vessel in which we sail.. The tale, oh the tale.. To come from old or ponder new the intrigue is still you.. So take a note along the way and have a ringside view.


7 thoughts on “The Inventor..

  1. Thank you.. Most of us live out of the mind unaware of its brilliance to lead.. Until we become consciously aware and then it becomes are most valuable tool. The mind can make us sink or swim. The choice is always ours.. To master the mind is a true blessing. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed reading.. Much love. πŸ’ 😊


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