Deep purple


graphic design

strewn from inside

velvet sheen

warm and chocolatey

a deep purple

grips like no other

she’s magnified

intense charisma.





A kiss…


All are waiting…  Waiting for that drench of freshness to alleviate their soul, to manifest and make them whole.  In bits and pieces they tarry like wind flowing onto their next course.  But how this adventure manipulates one, confuses and elates’all at the same time.  An open door beckons, a window to the soul, waiting it invites the on comers willingly inviting them in.  In the midst sits a lonely soul wondering and harboring awaiting his fate unambiguous…  Will he enter or will he keep his lamp low just as subtle upon the high tides of his withering fate.  That bright light that beckons within, just one turn and a look is all it takes and the path is cleared of debris.  He sits up and sets of on his trail relying on his judgement each step.  A kiss from the wind breezes his neck, his eyes hopeful and empty, that lamp burns low for a while but the dawning awaits him in surprise of his own self-worth.  Others know him but not of him as he is yet to find himself unambiguous in his being and anguish.  His mixtures of tether, unassuming yet of wonder as he tries to flee his dilemmas.  What a beautiful soul he is without a recognition.  A butterfly in waiting, his metamorphosis diminishing…  That light burns bright, his eyes will soon be full.


A small tale of significance.



In the trenches she scraped her foot from the absorbed she found whilst there, her all had been diluted with the beings of others…  Conspicuous though it was she unacquainted herself now from the forlorn presence that shadowed her being.  Ever wondrous she always would take on more as the curiosity spilled her bones into the whys and wherefores of others simultaneously mingling alongside her.  Now was the time for releasing those cobwebs that didn’t belong to her, dusted and covered from times spent as a perpetual mannequin conquering the whims of others.  Awash the rain came one day and reminded her of the spiritual cleansing she needed to be herself once more.  She laughed as she realized the unabated folly and misconceptions of perpetually pleasing others in complete ignorance of herself.  A sort of accumulated bubble of gestures elated and scratched out from others etched upon her soul, cast like a shadow upon her own shadow, obscure.  Oh but how she’d loved them all, all in their own unique compromising ways but they were not hers.  Waist time no more she thought as she smiled getting out of bed to rule the day!  Amen, the penny had finally dropped.